The Good Life Orphanage A non-profit helping children in Mombasa, Kenya

Real hope needs firm foundations.

A family-run charity, founded in the UK and based in Mombasa, Kenya, caring for over 100 children since 2008. Every single penny we raise goes directly to the project—your donations never go towards admin, travel or accommodation costs.

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Read all about the latest goings on at the orphanage here.

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Our charity lives and breathes on the generosity of its network. Hundreds of people give generously, safe in the knowledge that all of their money is going directly to the project.We use 100% of your donations direcrtly on the project in Kenya—there are no adminstration fees, no huge director's salaries for staff in the UK, no covering expensive flights.We desperately need financial support to provide the monthly food, education and medical costs to keep the orphanage ticking over and continue to give these children a better life. So please dig deep and give whatever you can.

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Volunteers are a huge part of our charity, and we don't believe in seeing them as a way to make money—we see them as incredible sources of enrichment in the experiences of the children.We’ve had volunteers help out in every way you could imagine. Some have come over and taught yoga to the kids (and adults). Others came and started a football team that is still going strong.When volunteers sign up, we learn what they are passionate about and how that can help the orphanage.Read some testimonials from previous volunteers and download our information pack here.

The story so far

Our History

In 1999, on a trip to a local school whilst on a family holiday in Kenya, Mary and Kevin Maguire were struck by two things: the smiling happy nature of the kids and the unbelievable poverty. So, cutting a very, very long story short, a year later we flew back out with £42,000 in raised funds from extremely generous friends and family and 18 big-hearted workers and rebuilt the dilapidated school.Since it opened in April 2008 over 50 children have discovered the security of having a place where they call home. They now receive three meals every day, are educated and most importantly are shown the love and care they deserve.The process was so rewarding and the children so happy and grateful, (some queuing up hours before the school opened just to get sitting in their new classrooms), that we decided to take on a further venture and build the Good Life Orphanage.Our aim was simple; create a charity where all funds raised go directly to keeping children happy and healthy. No administration, travel or accommodation fees. 100% charity.

Some words from our supporters

The Good Life Orphanage is the most incredible place run by incredible people. It provides not only a home and education to so many desperately needy children who otherwise may not even survive, but it gives them a family, provides love and support, teaches morals and manners and shows these children who have had the hardest of starts in life what it feels like to be loved. What seems like the smallest of contributions can sometimes make the biggest of differences. We feel privileged and honoured to be a part of the Good Life family and would encourage others to get involved too.
Phil Neville and Julie Neville

The Good Life Orphanage is a place where neglected, abandoned and impoverished children find a home, love, friendship and hope. They will all leave one day knowing that they are special, gifted and able to change their world. That is what makes it such a special place.
Father Gabriel Dolan

A few words from Mary

Back in 2015 our co-founder Mary Maguire was interviewed about the project for The Irish Post.

Nunc Faucibus

St Bernadette Mary School

Since 2012 we have operated a school that provides food, medicine and education for over 350 children most in need of it.It is only through education that these children can hope to escape poverty, and our school has quickly become the top and most in-demand school in the area.Watch this video to find out more about the school and the children in it.

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Any questions or want to get involved? Please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.You can also sign up for regular updates from The Good Life Orphanage here.

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