Jambo from a very hot & sultry Mombasa, we arrived here on 8th February after deciding the civil unrest had not effected the coast as much as we were led to believe. On arrival at Nairobi Airport we were amazed to see only a trickle of people from the Kenya Airways & Virgin Atlantic flight were actually staying in Kenya, the majority were transferring to Zanzibar & other places. Nothing could prepare us for the scenes in Mombasa, we stay in Nyali and although the riots & trouble have not touched down here, there was not a tourist to be seen, the hotels are empty and thousands of staff have been laid off until further notice with no pay!! Spent two hours in Whitesands on Monday evening and only saw three tourists, the peace agreement signed on Friday is so important because this country needs to get back to some sort of normality so people can support their families.

Enough about the problems the 27th December elections brought, our orphanage site is looking unbelievable, all through the two months of turmoil our builders have kept up the momentum & although there has been a problem getting specialist materials everything is going great. The first two houses will be complete by 17th March 2008, the Office / Stores will be complete by the 30th March 2008 and the Farm Managers small house on farming plot will be complete by Mid May.

We are so pleased with the standard of work throughout the site, they have though deeply about how to make the buildings low maintenance and utilise the space correctly. The actual houses are big and as there are four massive bedrooms we have decided that each house will have eight to ten children. We have employed the Matron who seems very capable and the Farm Manager David, he is a very hard working young man who just gets on with things. We are still interviewing for the House Mothers but we know we will find the ideal people soon.

So it is all systems go, we have a final meeting on Thursday with the Department of Children regarding our registration as a CCIS in Kenya and once we receive this The Good Life Orphanage will be legitimate & recognised by the governing bodies in this beautiful country!!!

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