Are you sitting down, yes after weeks of going from one government department to the other we finally got our first two babies today, the court hearing started at 9.00am & we got the children out of the hospital at 4.10pm, never knew there were so many pieces of paper to be signed, we then asked for our papers relating to the children, a one page Court Order & a letter from the Department of Children telling where the children were found by Good Samaritans, that’s all they know.

Gracie is a six month old girl who is malnourished & needs TLC, Michael is a beautiful baby boy about 8 weeks old we think, they don’t know when they were born so it just a guess by their size. It was a very humbling experience going into the hospital to pick them up, two sometimes three little babies in a cot, they don’t cry because no-one responds to them so they just lie there & look up at the ceiling, they are so helpless. There are other orphaned abandoned children in the hospital but because there is no budget to feed them, they only get two small cups of milk per day, imagine a newborn baby trying to feed from a plastic cup because there are no bottles.

Thanks for the prayers, they were answered!

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