A last minute change to the design plans of the community centre meant Kevin paid a surprise visit to the orphanage in late June. He was amazed at the progress of the children, the vegetables, the chicken and the new buildings.

Jackie, the orphanage manager, had everything running like a dream. House-mothers Grace and Jane with the help of our lovely house auntie Purity had the houses spick and span. The biggest transformation was the children, Moses, Caleb and Joshua are healthy, happy young boys. Jane, Gracie and Naomi are demanding little divas and babies Michael, Paul, Roisin and Kay are coming on a treat. A lady from the local village Jocelyn is also employed to help the house mothers and she is doing really well.

The one-acre plot is now producing vegetables and fruit for the houses and whilst Kevin was there the local women came in and killed some chickens, their payment was the head and feet of each chicken they killed!! David and Onesmus are doing a great job.
To see such positive changes makes everything worthwhile and every person who has supported us so far can see just what a difference their donations are making.

Asanta Sana from everyone at The Good Life Orphanage