2008 did not start out too good for us, with the post-election violence we could not travel and after a very successful 1st Annual Charity Ball we were itching to return to Mombasa. In February we ignored the Foreign Office warnings and headed back to Kenya, well Mombasa was as laid back as ever, only sporadic violence here and there, we were up & running again. The only downside was all the visitors who planned to come over to help us did not feel that it was safe enough and cancelled their plans.
Thankfully when we returned back to Mombasa in November our visitors started arriving, first Damian & Helen came for one week, they loved playing with the children and spent lots of their holiday at the orphanage. Damian showed them how to play football and we even let him pretend to the children that it was ok to support Bolton Wanderers!!!

Next was Pat, Marie & Anne from Dromore, Co.Tyrone. Pat came out and built the furnace and Marie was on-hand for the opening of Maguire House. Anne was very generous and bought us our first cow, Red Annie, who is having a calf in February and will produce 15/20 ltrs of milk each day then for the children. Marie and Anne accompanied me to pick up orphan children from the village and also a baby girl called Fionnhulagh from Coast General Hospital. They were moved to tears by what they saw and how the people cope. Marie and Pat are also sponsoring the education of a young girl Cynthia at Mikoroshoni Primary School.

Then John & Edna arrived on 8th December, again lots of time spent with the children in the orphanage and they fell in love with Kenya big time !!!We went to Coast General Hospital to pick up Patrick, a little baby boy about two months old, Edna was completely smitten with this lovely little boy. Oh we forgot to mention John caught a big fish !!!

All in all apart from the usual tummy upsets and the ever frequently calling Mombasa Express, we think our visitors really enjoyed their stay.
Our latest visitors have been some of the crew from the First Choice Hoildays flights, Phillippa Hindle who knows Suzy & Luis visited the orphanage along with Zoe and Lee, she were so impressed that she has set up a Face Book Site and we had another five visitors last week,Kandy, Elaine, Nicci, Vicky and Carl, as they saw our children love to have visitors as they sing and pose for photos at the drop of a hat.

Asanta Sana for all your visits and support in 2008, you will be made very welcome in 2009 as well xx

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