Here we are back in a sunny/rainy Kenya, there has been no rain on the coast since late September so people are praying for the rains to come, every piece of available land is being dug over and prepared.
Life is progressing well at The Good Life Orphanage, our children are doing great and are so happy, it is amazing to see. We have a few new additions and one of the children, Helen, has been reunited with her mother who has been very ill but is fine now.

Elvis arrived from the police station in Mtwapa, he was found abandoned under a mango tree and is about two years old, he is a lovely happy little boy and could tell us his name so we now have an Elvis!!! Mary was picked up from the streets by a Good Samaritan and taken to the local police station, again a beautiful young girl about fourteen months old, she has just started to walk this week.

Juma and Zanibu are Rami’s older siblings, Kevin brought Rami back to visit his extended family and discovered his brother and sister living in another orphanage where they could not even give them one proper meal a day. After speaking to the District Children’s Officer it was agreed that they would be fed and looked after properly at The Good Life so they arrived last week.
And last but by no means least Abdulla, the eldest boy from the family in the village where their mother had passed away has been reunited with his three younger siblings. At eleven years old he is outside our criteria for admission but we felt the need to bring the family together was far more important so we bent the rules slightly.

Even though the majority of the children arrived very dishevelled and malnourished they adapt so easy and within a few days are running around playing with the other children. They are all taught to have good manners and be respectful by their House Mothers and Aunties, it is wonderful to witness the changes to their lives and we have everyone who supports us to thank for this transformation.

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