So now we have 31 children at the orphanage. The first three houses are complete, and the builder has scheduled for the fourth and fifth houses to be built between September-March, we can’t start until then as it’s impossible to carry out building work in the rainy season!

Following a visit by Ron and Sue Hayes in February, and after deliberations with our Committee at home and our Trustees in Kenya it was decided that these last two house will be especially adapted for disabled children. Many thanks to Ron & Sue for this and many other ideas they came up with to ensure the success of the orphanage. We value visitors feedback as it is an essential part of our development of the project.

Looking at Gracie and Michael now, seeing how strong, healthy and happy they are is testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff at the orphanage. Obviously with any new project there has been teething problems, and we have unfortunately had to replace members of staff, but things are progressing very well.
Caleb who arrived at the orphanage with Moses and Joshua in April 2008 in a sorry state, he was badly beaten and malnourished, is now a happy young boy, yes he is always in trouble but he is just like any other five year old boy.

Both Kevin and myself often say that without the support of friends, family and now an ever-increasing group of people who are willing to help us it would be impossible to operate the orphanage and we really mean this from the bottom of our hearts. The staff, children and ourselves cannot put into words just how important and life changing your help and support is to the project.

Yes, we all are making a difference!

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