Coming out of the airport in Manchester, I took a breathe of fresh air, heaven, yes!!! The temperatures this time in Kenya were in excess of 38degrees some days, its ok when you are lounging beside the pool but try to do any work, its impossible, by 2.30pm everyday tempers were frayed to say the least. The orphanage is doing really well, we pinch ourselves when we see the progress of the project as a whole and the children are just so happy.

Kilroe House is finished now and we have notified the Children’s Department that there are homes for both orphans and abandoned disabled children as well. We have a new House Mother Philomena and House Auntie Restitutia, they are very eager to get the house up and running. Keogh House will be complete for the 1st May so together we will be able to bring up to 24 more children into the security of the home.

The only downside to my six week stay was the delay in getting the visas for Naomi and Auntie Mercy, it is not a very straightforward procedure as Naomi is an abandoned child and due to her medical condition we had to get extra information from both the U.K. and the neurologist who has been treated her in Mombasa, all the paperwork has been emailed to Nairobi and now we are waiting for it to be checked. We will then have to take both Naomi and Auntie Mercy to the offices in Nairobi where the visas are issued from.  If this progresses well, Naomi should be here in the U.K. in May or June for the operation.

Here are some photos, the first is the local undertakers, yes you can buy a coffin & hire a D.J. and Kilifis answer to DFS, well T.I.A.

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