With Kilroe House & Keogh House nearing completion we are now ready for some more children and as usual there are many very needy cases, Winnie aged 7 & Brian aged 5 mother died & extended family cannot look after them arrived in early May, the staff had their doubts about Winnie as she can speak good English whilst Brian can only speak Swahili. After a few weeks Brian started to tell the staff about the death of his parents and that Winnie is not his sister.
Brian with his new car
After four months of debating what exactly was going on we have now managed to find Brian’s sister, Chabetty and they have been reunited at the orphanage. Winnie is their cousin who is abandoned, Winnie has since told us that she was often left alone for days on end and had to go to neighbors to get food.
Brian & his sister Chabetty reunited
Njerii who is about 5 was taken from her home due to neglect & repeated beatings, her mother is in prison, she is very “streetwise” compared to our other children but is settling in very well. Again she shows signs of bad abuse and mistreatment.
Jim was abandoned after birth as his mother was HIV positive, first test for him was positive, 2nd negative so God Willing he should be ok. The staff have named him after Father Jim Clarke so they believe that he be ok as he is named after a good kind person.
Little Jim named after Father Jim
Lisa who we now know is Fiona was taken to the police station by her father stating she had been abandoned on the doorstep, turns out the father was married did not want to know about the baby & the mother left it on his doorstep thinking it would be cared for but the father decided to pass the baby off as abandoned, now the mother has turned up at the orphanage but cannot take the child back until the courts decide whether she is at fault for leaving the baby his doorstep or he is at fault for passing off the child as an abandoned baby & not taking responsibility & bringing her to the police station, oh what tangled webs we weave!!
Baby Lisa arrived in August 2010
The last two children are very sad stories:
Melissa is 22mths old, she arrived from another orphanage that no-one knew existed, she has been so very badly abused that she cannot walk, her little legs and the soles of her feet have burn marks, she is very withdrawn.
Little Melissa
Lawrence is only three months old, born to a young girl in Shanzu and has a very severe form spina bifida, the sac is outside the base of the spine & he is a very poorly little boy, thankfully The Carr-Deed Family from Manchester came out to the GLO and they have agreed to sponsor him & pay for the medical fees, we are now waiting for an appointment for the operation to put in shunt to remove the fluid from the brain, his skull is measured twice daily to make sure there is no swelling.