Today we visited The Good Life Orphanage for the first time; I was feeling really excited and had completely built it up in my head in these last few weeks before we got here! I arrived feeling like I knew the kids really well as I have heard so many stories and wrote their profiles for the sponsor cards. It was amazing to see it all for real and to see the kids getting the care that they very much deserve. I think that’s why myself and pretty much anyone who comes into contact with TGLO, is so passionate about it – it has that personal touch to it.

We hung out for a few hours, visiting each house, have a guided tour of the farm & crops (if you want to learn about sustainability here’s where it’s at). Also accidentally interrupted the younger kids mid-way through their monthly exams … getting cuddles, tickles and being spun around is obviously much more fun! Think I’ve got some making up to do with the teacher!

There’s a few kids I wanted to highlight today, who epitomise why places like the GLO exist. Amanda who is almost 3 weeks old now; she is the tiniest little thing (with loads of gorgeous black hair) who they found on a roadside in bin bag when she was around 2 days old. Now she is healthy and being showered in TLC and yes she’s very happy to be wrapped up in all those blankets!

Lawrence who is the cutest little dumpling, he has spina bifida and has recently undergone an operation which has enabled him to lie on his back and generally made his life more bearable. He’s very alert and responsive. The doctors don’t think he’ll ever be able to walk but he’s getting all the care and attention he needs to live life to his full potential.

And finally Melissa who is on a long road to recovery after being abused to such an extreme that she was left unable to walk and was very weak & detached today. They are all working hard to build up her confidence and she is slowly learning to walk again.

We’re back on Friday for a full day of planned activity including teaching the teachers how to incorporate play into learning. And that is when we will hand over all the stuff our friends have donated to Jackie, the orphanage manager, as each item will be recorded and accounted for – more then.

Sejal xx

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