Last week I saw the power of human strength. Melissa (who is around 2 years old) who I mentioned in my post a week or so ago (who was so severely abused prior to coming to TGLO she has been unable to walk and has been very withdrawn) took some steps today. She was in tears from the sheer agony of it but she kept going. And quite rightly she was very proud of herself!

Lawrence, who has Spina Bifida responded to peek-a-boo and was properly smiling and laughing.

Roisin who was found in a skip when she was less than one month old, has grown into a thriving little cutie and especially enjoyed playing with wooden animals and making mud pies for hours using a frisbee as a plate.

Brenda who arrived at TGLO about 18 months ago a very unhappy girl now is one of the smiliest and most gentle natured girls there. She got really stuck into the parachute game on Friday.

James Juma along with Abdullah and Collins to help us at the local feeding station on Sunday 31st Oct. They did us proud helping serve kids much less fortunate than themselves, quite a stark reminder of what their lives could have been like if they hadn’t been taken in by TGLO. Anyway James is such a bright boy, and he told us he wants to be a lawyer when he grows up. Just like any other 13 year old boy he is starting to make plans and have ambitions for the future.

Saumo is the life and soul of the Orphanage! When you watch the video she is the little girl standing with her brothers and sister in torn knickers crying next to the mound where her mother and baby brother or sister are buried. Total transformation. She is like a whirlwind of laughter and cheekiness these days.

Amanda, the tiny baby found in the bin bag is almost 3.5 weeks old now and today her cheeks had a bit of chubbiness to them and she was really active – a sign that the woolly blankets and hats (make shift incubation) and masses of round the clock care have ensured she is developing on course.

Gracie O and Michael, who were some of the very first children to arrive at TGLO are living proof of what impact the orphanage and the care they are receiving has on children. They came as very young, scared and abused children. They are now very relaxed and confident, they don’t rush to get your attention they trust that it will come. They enjoy sharing and interacting in what we consider ‘normal’ ways and they pick up new things so quickly, including speaking English. It’s really impressive to see the difference a few years of consistent care, security and loving can make.

Over and out for now!
Sejal xx