As well as the things Monika has explained, I have been working on a different side of the orphanage..
As I have a construction based background I was a little apprehensive that I wouldn’t have anything to offer at the orphanage in comparison to Monika. But when we visited for a day last year I left feeling good about the various possibilities I had to offer at GLO.
Since we have returned this year Kevin has tasked me with a complete re shape of the onsite farm including building a new chicken house, new farmers house, set out and replant the entire farm, lay new paths throughout the farm and improve the current irrigation system. I have also been involved in the GLO maintenance and establishment of a new room complete and ready for computers.
B & Q Mtwapa Style
While the farm has been a solid part of the good life orphanage set up for some time, it had been identified as an area that could be made much more productive and therefore help towards the overall goals of the good life to a greater extent. Although we are only 4 weeks into our 10 week stay and still a fair way to go, we have made some real progress and the farm is beginning to show signs of how it will be in the future.
Coming Along
As you can see from the photos the chicken house almost has a new roof, the computer room is all ready for computers, the holes have been dug for the 400+ Paw Paw trees and 150 banana trees.
Dan surveying his work
I have enjoyed getting my hands dirty and getting involved with all the works. The local lads labouring often a source of amusement wearing old cement bags as hats, I’ve even been able to involve Saidy and a couple of the other kids for some little jobs that they enjoy being part of.
Roof On 01/04/11
In the next few weeks I will be finishing the chicken house, moving the residents in and then getting stuck into the new farmers house so more later.

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