After a 6 year absence, the time had come to see whether I was still capable of enduring the joy and pain that is the London Marathon experience! To run for GLO and to raise some funds for the kids along the way could only make the day even more worthwhile.

With the sun beaming down I sat nervously in Greenwich Park for an hour or so before the race, wondering why on earth I had put myself through this again but also knowing that months of training had to make the race less painful. The first hour or so flew past and everything went really well. At 11 – 12 miles I was slightly disheartened not to see the family but we both managed to miss each other…..they probably admiring the “duck and beer bottle costumes” that were just ahead of me!!

By Tower Bridge it was very warm and I had reached half way in 1:31 which I was pleased about. Miles 14-19 were not too bad either and when I saw my kids cheering in Canary Wharf at 19.5 miles I really thought that everything was going to plan…how wrong I was!!

By 21 miles the “wall” had come hurtling out of a side street and knocked me sideways! My legs were like lead weights and my head was down. I was so disappointed that the Marathon distance had hit me hard again. I carried on at a much slower pace and when my family and friends saw me again at 25 miles I think they were wondering whether I would make it to that finish line. Apparently my legs looked like a space invaders waddle by that point!! I finished in 3:19…a new personal best and overall I am told that I should be pleased by that as I edge towards 40 years!!
Eliot Celebrating
The kids and the team at GLO have achieved some wonderful things over the past few years and certainly helped me over the line on Sunday. As I read their blog on the inaugural Sports Day at GLO it made me feel very humble again and makes the marathon pale in contrast.
Eliot, Lauren, Alex & James

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