Yes its taken three years to get here but thanks to our wonderful volunteers Monika & Dan, we held our 1st Sports Day yesterday, a what a fun filled day !!!
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Monika worked very closely with Auntie Mercy organising the races with each house being represented in each race. Ceri & Kathy brought brand new T-Shirts from Suttons Primary School so everyone including the Mamas & Aunties looked smart. We even had our own resident Cheerleader Fionnaulaugh x
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We had the Sprint, Long Distance Run, Wheelbarrow Race, 3 Legged Race, Egg & Spoon Race, Skipping Race, Jumping Jack, Relay Race & the much awaited Mothers & Aunties Race and The Uncle’s Race. Both the Wheelbarrow and Egg & Spoon Race were hilarious with Naomi having a strop in the middle of the track because she did not win, nothing changes there. As usual with all the testosterone in the air The Uncle’s Race was the most competitive with Moses the Askari from the school winning & poor David our Farm Manager coming in 5th !!!!
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Ceri, Mick & Kathy got stuck in and as usual Alan was on hand to officiate, Remi our new Deputy Head Teacher became one of the team right away.
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Since the inception of the GLO neither Kevin or myself have saw either the staff or children so engrossed, we thought Mama Alice was going to have a Heart Attack as she cheered on her children from O’Malley House. It brought a tear to our eyes seeing how happy everyone was.
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After a break for lunch and an afternoon of sports with Ceri standing all day in the sun at the finish line, Dan counted up all the scores and O’Malley House won, then as if by magic Auntie Mercy had already rehearsed a Victory Dance for O’Malley House, it was brilliant. Each child received a medal and a certificate even Gracie & Michael (who was actually sleeping on his feet at this stage) !!
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The Staff & Children at the GLO have had a wonderful few weeks with the different sets of volunteers who have visited recently, we can only Thank each & every volunteer from the bottom of our hearts as the lives of everyone within the project has been enhanced immensely by the time & effort these compassionate & caring people have brought to this little oasis in Kikambala !!!!
P.S. We are not letting Monika & Dan leave xx
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