Waking up in a tent on the morning of a 16.7 mile run probably isn’t the best preparation for a run of that length!! However it was a lovely morning, and turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far.
Around 1,500 people entered the Coniston 14+, and as this was my first race, I was possibly the most nervous among them at the start line.

Getting ready for the start

At 11 o clock the race started and we began to wind our way through the narrow country roads; most of them undulating, the rest of them can only be describes as HILLS! The race circles the whole of Coniston Water, where the scenery was beautiful and calm; and, for the latter part of the race, I felt it would have been much better admired from a beer garden than from beneath my sweaty, knotted, over-heated brow! This was no fun run, in fact the only person in fancy dress was a man dressed as ‘Danger Mouse’. He actually did very well, though rumour has it that it was Seb Coe beneath the big white ears!

Run Helen, Run !!!

Proudly wearing my ‘Good Life Orphanage’ t-shirt, I ran strongly until 12 miles, began to feel the burn at 13 miles, struggled on, and thought I would die at 15 miles! Then gathered myself to make a strong finish through the village (well, I didn’t want to embarrass myself running through past all those enthusiastic spectators!). I finally crossed the finish line, received a very welcome congratulatory hug from my very supportive husband…and my mind turned to wondering what date the race would be on next year (and where the nearest pub was!!)

Congratulations x

Thank you to all those people who sponsored me. Your contributions were very generous, and helped me to complete the race.

Yes I done it !!!

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