After loosing Kendo to East Coast Fever we were very upset as she was a very strong cow who produced 15ltrs of milk every day and with 49 mouths to feed it was a bitter blow for everyone at the GLO and the wonderful Wilburn Family from Manchester who donated her last year.
Luckily the Dwyer Family, also from Manchester, contacted us after hearing our plight and offered to buy a replacement cow for the orphanage. As it was coming up to the rainy season no cows were producing milk so we had to wait until the rains arrived and thanks to Mr Kevin Beale’s astute knowledge of cows, Happy Daze arrived at the GLO on Friday 14th May!!
Happy Days seeing Happy Daze
Happy Daze is 4 years old and her breed is half Friesian and half Brown Swiss. The Friesian breed of cow is identified by its black and white colourings and is a highly productive breed of dairy cow in the UK. The Brown Swiss cow is also highly productive. We hope that the high productivity of milk will allow the two cows (Blue Moo and Happy Daze) to supply more than enough milk to feed all of the 50 children at the Good Life Orphanage. She is expected to produce 13 litres of milk every day. All going well, her new born calf will drink 4 litres of this milk every day.
Kids Background.JPG
Happy Daze is currently heavily pregnant. She is expected to give birth in the last week of May. She has already delivered three calves and because of this experience/age, we hope she will deliver safely without any medical/health complications to her or the expecting calf.
With Bloo Moo.JPG
An extension was built onto the old cow shed in order to have enough room for the arrival of Happy Daze and also her soon-to-be-born new calf. She was very nervous when she arrived but has settled well now and even tolerates the other cow & calf.
The Older Children come to see Happy Daze