The Association for People With Disabilities in Kenya (APDK) started manufacturing furniture for people suffering of Polio 15 years ago. They are a charity/NGO who have now started selling their disability aids and other furniture to ensure disabled people working within the project have a decent wage instead of begging on the streets in Mombasa,Their 3 wheeled tricycles can be seen on the roads of Mombasa where the people with disabilities propel the chairs with a hand pedal system.
Chair fully tilted back
As they have recently started to specialise in supported chairs for children with Spina Bifida and Cerebral Palsy, we asked then to bring one of their Yaya Chairs to the GLO so we could see if Michelle and Lawrence would benefit from them.
Likoni WheelChair
The chair’s settings can be adjusted with the child’s physical size & posture and it is very strong and sturdy. Its is also very colourful and comfortable compared with the older type chairs which are not suitable for our children.
Auntie Dom & Remi with Michelle
We tested out the wheelchair on the grass. It can easily be pushed along the grass or on the stony/sandy surface. This will make it easy to take Lawrence and Michelle out and about as neither can support their heads so it is even impossible for the Mamas to strap them onto their back in the normal Kenyan fashion.
Lawrence & Auntie Mercy
We are very lucky as Ceri, Kathy & Mick made a very generous donation whilst here as volunteers which has enabled us to be able to go ahead and purchase two of these wheelchairs, this will make such a difference to Michelle and Lawrence.