So after 3 days and 39 hours of swimming, cycling and running, Kukri MD Phil Morris completed his own crazy double ironman challenge on Sunday evening for The Good Life Orphanage.
The Morris Family
Getting Read
After starting at 6:30am on Friday from Belle Isle on Lake Windermere he swam the 5 miles in just over 3 hours and 20 minutes with his trusty swimming buddies Tom and Trevor. He then jumped (well maybe not jumped!!) on his bike with Tom and Simon to take on the Fred Whitton cycle route in the Lakes which includes (for you cyclists out there) Rhynose and Hardknott passes….only to discover at the top of Rhynose his breaks were on! Duh! Talk about making life hard for yourself!
Soon the route took Phil and his unbelievable support team (Andy, Andy, David, John and Milo) back towards Southport where they cycled through the torrential rain in the dead of night. The boys arrived back in Southport just as it was getting light. A quick 40 winks and a hot shower and they were off again to do the final 70 kilometres.
phil's double ironman june 2011
Once that was done it was time to run …and run and run! Two marathons to complete. Again the support was out in force, this time in the shape of the Honey Monster, aka Henry, who ran 25.2 kilometres with Phil. Phil continued into the night but as dusk approached and he had one marathon in the bag it was time for a sleep before he finished it off. So the challenge continued into Sunday – the final 5 laps of Southport’s Marina lake and a marathon later with lots of volunteers running, cycling, walking and supporting to help Phil get to the end. He finally finished at 5pm on Sunday night.
Phil & Harry
“A huge thankyou to all the guys who helped me get through this. Thanks for all your support and kindness. I was pretty tired at the end but still smiling! The last marathon was pretty tough. I have to say I was looking forward to that cold beer at the end! It’s been an amazing few days and I am completely indebted to everyone who helped feed, water, cycle, run and swim with me at ungodly hours. It’s all for a great cause so it’s worth every second. Cheers guys!”
Woody & Phil

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