Hello to you all, its been a very busy month at the GLO, Jackie our Manager for the past 3.5 years has moved on, we wish Jackie well and all the best in the future. Remi is now Manager with a very keen and enthusiastic Mercy talking up the role of Volunteer & Educational Play Co-ordinator with the prospect of becoming Assistant Manager when her training is completed.
Mercy July 2011
The children are all doing great, Michelle had her operation this month to relieve her breathing difficulties, although it has been successful she still struggles sometimes. Salim was diagnoised with TB, from the day he arrived at the GLO he has experienced many health issues but is a little fighter and God Willing he will be ok.
Two more little boys arrived over the past week, a man was trying to “sell” one of the toddlers in nearby Mtwapa, while the other boy is about 3 years old and comes from a very abusive background, we are still awaiting further details on both children.
New Boys
We also took delivery of our new wheelchairs from Likoni Furniture for Lawrence and Michelle, they will now be able to get out and about as they are getting big and its very difficult for the Mamas to strap them onto their backs as they did when they were smaller.
Mama Lucy with Lawrence
The school is very busy, we now have classes enrolled up to Standard 5 with the teachers only taking two weeks leave in August instead of the normal four weeks as they want to fit in more tution for the pupils. We are hoping to having Standards 6 & 7 enrolled for the new school year in January 2012.
Std 2 Tacher Vincent & the class
Some fantastic volunteers visited during the month of July, eagerly awaiting their blogs and photos from their visits !!
Anett & Alan