Another exciting day at the GLO when Sheila, Angela and this year Jay visited the GLO again. Last year the family very kindly bought Kendo which we unfortunately lost to East Coast Fever. Since their initial visit last year we have become very good friends with visits to Naomi by the family when she was here in the U.K and we can always count on Sheila & the family attending any event we hold.
This year they came again, David picked them up from the hotel, instead of coming direct to the GLO they did a detour to the local supermarket.
Mama Sheila oversees !!
Auntie Mercy could not believe when they started to off load the minibus, our stores have been replenished beyond our wildest dreams.
Happy Days at the GLO
Having support like this makes things so much easier and again we cannot say Thank You enough to the wonderful Wilburn Family. It was also lovely to receive updates from the family on the children and the staff at the GLO.
Angel, Sheila & Jay bearing gifts