First Day at the GLO, full day of meetings but as usual nothing goes to plan. The children all had gathered on their morning break from school and as soon as I stepped out of the car they were over greeting me, I could not believe how big some of them had grown. They had arranged a welcoming dance and everyone wanted to do their bit, I have never saw so many little happy faces.
Happy Days at the GLO
Greetings From the GLO
Then on my 1st step into the office and store room I was amazed, so tidy, everything in such an orderly fashion, a very industrious place and again lots of smiles. After a few hours of getting a very detailed update of what had been happening in my absence, Remi arrived to inform us that a new baby boy needed a home.
GLO Office
Off we went with Jan who has been at the GLO for the past two weeks to pick up a baby. Jan owns The Egerton House Hotel in Bolton so it was a far cry from her normal working day. We were not very sure of what age the baby would be or whether the baby would be healthy so it was a long wait outside Mtwapa Police Station until Alice from the nearby Mudzini Orphanage arrived with the baby. Alice had originally gone to pick up the baby but when discovering it was a boy contacted the GLO, Mudzini has 35 orphaned girls. After sorting out the appropriate paperwork Alice handed the young boy over to the GLO.
Mama Mary with Baby Tim
Jan, Mary & Baby Tim
On arrival at the GLO it was decided that the young baby who appears in good health becomes part of the Kilroe House Family and is called Tim. The mothers, aunties and the children were so excited.
The Mamas & Aunties want to hold !!
Mama Tuta & Auntie Mapenzi welcome the baby
We do not know much about the baby so far, he looks to be about 3/4 weeks old, in good health, we don’t know what has happened his mother as he was taken to the local Children’s Department by a pic-pic driver but he is in a secure and loving environment now surrounded by Mamas, Aunties & children who care !!

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