Collins had been asking recently about his Aunty and grandfather and if he could go visit them.It was decided that himself and his sister Rachael on 7th December 2011 to go out to trace the place where the relatives are.They were accompanied by David, Isabella and Laura.
The first place was Bamburi where he remembers his cousin staying at an orphanage.After 10 minutes driving through the village -Collins thought he remembered the place so they stopped off and asked around but nobody knew where the orphanage was and Collins and Rachael started to lose hope.It has been four years since they left the place to where they are now and a lot of changes is to the town place. At Bombolulu, Collins asked David to turn left opposite Bombolulu workshop.They drove for about 10 minute and Collins asked to take the next turn off.He directed David through a few smaller roads and then asked to get out, Collins Laura and Isabella got out with him walking along until they reached the house where he said his Aunty lived. Isabella asked some women if they knew Collins’ Aunty and they said they knew but she did not live there anymore.It is unbelievable that Collins remembered the place after all this time, a very clever boy !!!
After lot help from the surrounding neighbours whom some remembered Collins, one girl said she knew where the Aunty was and put her dinner down bring them to the place. She was so helpful to them. They drove for 5 minutes before arriving at the house. They reached the place and an old woman embraced Collins and Rachael and everyone was happy to see them.
Collins, Rachael, Derick with some memebers of the family he lives with at the minute
Outside the house there was some boys were calling Collins name but Collins said he did not remember them.After that they got reunited to their little brother Derick who Collins often spoke about, a neighbour look after him even though the woman has nine kids and when asked by David what plans she had made for the boy, she said she trying her best but she doesn’t think that she will manage to educate Derick as she has nine her own kids + Derick makes atotal of 10 kids for her to look after.(Derick could not remember his brother and sister).He is a 3/4 yr old health looking boy.
The Charitable Neighbour who looks after Derick
Collins thought his grandfather may still be alive and after speaking to a neighbour they went to his place, he was very happy to see his grandchildren. The grandfather called Fanuel Ochogo and he is from Siaya Disrict Nyanza Province.Sadly he has no home, no house and was sick suffering from Pneumonia and high blood pressure and was just discharged from Coast General Hospital.
David & Isabella meet the family
Collins & Rachael spent about 2 hours with their grandfather and the neighbour chatting. The young brother Derick was very unhappy when they went to leave and demanded to return to the GLO with them. Unfortunately we will have to present the case to the DCO who will then apply to the courts for a committal order but in the circumstances it should not take very long as he is an orphan living in extreme poverty although the neighbour is very caring and he is well fed. I Mercy will do everything to help bring Derick to the GLO so he can be reunited with his brother & sister.

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