From the GLO first opened Kevin & myself have actively encouraged the children to try to remain in contact with some of their extended family (when we can locate them). After Abdualla’s request while we were washing the dishes after lunch one day in Maguire House, “Mama Mary can I ask for something for Christmas” – not an XBox, nor a mobile phone, but to see his two sisters who are in Malasi Children’s Home for Girls in Kilifi and bring them a little gift.

Mercy set off to meet Papa Kevin this morning with Abdualla, Hamisi, Salim & Sauma in tow, Kevin was amazed as soon as they stepped inside the home, Rukia aged 13 and Halim aged 12 came running over laughing and asking who Abdulla was, they could not believe how much he had grown since their last visit and that he now wears glasses. After an emotional reunion and present giving, they were settling off for the trip to the village where they came from some 50km away.
Family Reunited
Presents for the Sisters

Mercy and Dorothy have worked endlessly to find out the Case Histories of the children at the GLO and lo & behold, siblings of Brenda, Rama, Hassan and Juluis’ all live at Malasi Children’s Home.

Why siblings are separated after the parents death is something we cannot comprehend but they are all very healthy and well looked after. It was then decided that if it is OK with the authorities these six girls along with Rukia and Halim will stay at the GLO Tower during Christmas week so they can all celebrate the Birth Of Jesus with their siblings.
Juluis' Sisters)
Rama & Hassan's Sisters
After a long drive with Papa Kevin & Madam Mercy the family then arrived at the village, much excitement as their auntie was overjoyed to see her nephews and nieces, they walked over to the site of their mother and baby sister’s grave where we picked them up from just over three years ago. Its easy to forget just how poor and malnourished these children were.
Village children so excited to see the family return
Reunited Family with Auntie & Mercy

Rukia remembered making porridge for her mother after she gave birth but when she went back in her mother was dead. Also they can remember being very hungry and eating mangoes and trying to steal cassava from a nearby farmer who chased them away. Although the villagers are very poor they made everyone welcome and invited them to stay for lunch.

Heading to Mama's Grave
Saumu withe the wife of the Village Chief
On the way back they got come children & sodas, both Kevin & Mercy said it was so heartwarming to see the family reunited and thankfully due to the generosity of our supporters and our very hard working staff at the GLO these children will now have a Christmas all together with their siblings, it makes them all feel as if they belong and this security is priceless and what Christmas is really all about.

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