So much excitement at the school on Thursday last – it was the last day of the school year, here in Kenya its from January to December, so all the children received their reports, they learnt whether they would be progressing into the next year class or repeating again, and most importantly there was prize giving for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Places – along with the “Most Improved” Student!
1st December - Prizegiving Day at School
The Mamas look on in anticipation
Mr Mwasi started the proceedings with a prayer, a formal introduction of the Teachers & guests. Some of the older pupils sang and the whole place was a sea of happy faces. Then the fun started, our little Baby Class from the GLO were the first to receive the prizes with Kay Kodogo coming 1st. This class will move onto KG1 at the main school in January.
The Teachers
No 1 Pupil in Baby Class, Kay Kodogo
As we moved up through the classes we found much anticipation especially from the higher forms as students became much more competitive. We were all very pleased when Collins from Maguire House was placed 1st in Standard 4, unfortunately he had went on an errand so Mama Domi was delighted to accept the prize on his behalf.
1st Place KG1 with Madam Maureen
Joshua wins 3rd Place
Then once the prize giving had finished each student and their parents (usually Mamas) went to discuss their performances with the teachers. Some of the parents were very annoyed when told the children had not worked to their full potential in the Teachers’ opinions. Unlike in our culture where a child is not reprimanded in front of anyone, lots of children were in tears after the parents were very vocal – they felt the children are being giving a chance to an education and they should grasp it with both hands (or words to that effect in Swahili!).
Waiting for report discussion with teachers
Then to the very important lists posted at the gates, as to which pupils have been successful in gaining a place in KG1 and Standards 6 & 7 for the new school year in January 2012, again with some sad and other happy faces. In order to get in the school, the children are interviewed, do a short examination and Mr Mwasi along with the help of the village elders decide who are the most needy cases who really need an education. This process takes nearly one month and in November some members of our Donor Family were present and did house visits with Kevin to ensure that the people were poor and needy, the poverty they saw first hand confirmed that the school is indeed serving the most vulnerable in the surrounding area along with our orphan children from the GLO.
Parents & Students check to see if they are lucky
And in the middle of all this mayhem, Kevin was busy erecting the new cage for the gas bottle as it may get stolen otherwise, prioritising or what !!!
No1 Fundi (Sometimes) !!
So now on the 4th January 2012 another 90 pupils will be attending school, making a total of 315 pupils. They all get a bowl of ugi in the morning, a new uniform and most important getting an education so they can escape the vicious circle of poverty.

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