St Bernadette & St Mary’s School is coming on a treat, tomorrow is the 1st day of the new school year and there is much excitement.
In preparation for the return of the children, Crispis the Joiner has been working since the 26th December non-stop to put up new shelves in the Library, Computer Room and Secretary’s Office. With the help of Kennedy the school caretaker they are doing a brilliant job.

Kennedy & Crispis get to work

We asked two local joinery companies for a quote and true to form they came back with an unbelievable price of over 400,000kes (approx £3,000) to outfit the library, put some shelves up in other offices and put thirteen notice boards up.

Staff room Notice Board

Computer Room Shelves

Luckily after many years of coming across the notion that every mzungu is a millionaire, we realised that the job could be done a lot cheaper and after buying the wood and cork board direct and getting our No1 Fundi Crispis, the whole contract will cost less than 50% of the price quoted, forget about repeat business in Kenya, its all about how much you can get in the first instance.

Crispis the Joiner

So here’s to a very successful and fruitful year at St. Bernadette & St Mary’s School, we can only envisage it going from strength to strength !!!