It was on 8th January at 2.00am when Kanze Tsuma was informed by her husband’s cousin who had heard a cry in the bush of a new baby for about 3 hour and nobody is responding to the cry. This man is a watchman looking after some plants near Mtomondoni area, he was patrolling the place of his work and at first he thought the baby was with her mother doing their own business.
The two of them went into the bush to see what was making the baby cry and when they reached the place, they found a newborn baby on the ground covered with a small piece of cloth, nothing has been done to him even the placenta was not cut, he was not washed too and some insects were all over his body biting him(it was the insects bite which make him cry non-stop). The two picked up the baby and went to Kanzes home. A Good Samaritan who was a doctor came to see the baby if he had some injuries from the period he had been left by her mother but he found the baby was fine except some reddish spots in all over his body caused by the bits of the insects.

Our latest addition to the GLO Family

On Sunday morning the village chief reported to the Police Base in Mtwapa along with Kanze Tsuma and her son Mwanjama and the newborn baby. Whilst at Church on Sunday, Mercy received a call from the DCO requesting her to attend Mtwapa Police Station immediately as a new born baby had been abandoned. The family who found the baby accompanied Mercy & Auntie Mapenzi to the GLO to check the place was a good home for the baby.

People who found the baby

After a further checkup and medical tests he appears to be a healthy little baby, he has been named him James and he has joined the family in Kilroe House.
Mercy Nyadzua Mbigo

Auntie Mapenzi looks on whilst Mama Dom gives a cuddle

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