On Friday night at 21.00hrs, the DCO Juma Boga called me telling me to go and pick a baby of 1.5 months old at Kilifi District Hospital. The following morning Mama Lucy and myself set off to meet the Social Worker at the hospital.
On arrival at the hospital Mr Chea the Social Worker brought me to where the baby was and in the presence of a Police Officer handed the baby over to the custody of the GLO.

Preparing to head home

He was found abandoned at Kwa Charo wa Mae at a round 20.00hrs next to Royal Church wrapped with a dirty piece of cloth and placed beside the road, another paper bag containing some clothes was nearby. The two women who found the baby appeared to be drunk but they brought the baby to the Police Station. Seeing the state of the women the Police accompanied the two women to the hospital and the baby was left in Ward 1.

Baby Alan prepared to go to the GLO

As there was no-one to look after this little boy, a Good Samaritan whose grandson had been admitted to that ward called Kadzo Karisa volunteered to look after the abandon baby the whole night till morning. She actually accompanied us back to the GLO to make sure the baby was going to a good home.

Mama Lucy holds Baby Alan

We could only name this new arrival after our No1 Volunteer in 2011, Alan after our own Alan Coyne. He will be well looked after now and he appears to be in good health so another baby finds security at the GLO and another welcome addition to The Keogh House Family
Written by Mercy

Alan's Arrival at the GLO

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