When Isabella arrived at our gates she was in desperate need of help, the orphanage where she lived from being rescued from the streets along with her younger sister was closing down and gave them seven days to find alternative accommodation. Seeing her dilemma we offered her a position of House Auntie although she was very young at 19 years old. Having this job meant she had a roof over her head and could afford to support her younger sister. Isabella settled well into life at the GLO but we always felt sorry for her as she was very young and longed to be a teacher.

When Nuala Donnelly arrived in 2010 she struck up friendship with Isabella and seeing her results from her Standard 8 examinations felt she could help her by sponsoring her to return to school for secondary education. Kenya is unlike the UK & Europe, students are only offered a place in secondary school if they score over 400/500 in their K.C.P.E. examinations and as it was a long time since Isabella attended school she was not an ideal candidate, also being a rehabilitated street girl did not help her situation so after fourteen months of interviews and a massive helping hand from Sister Gertrude at Loreto, Isabella returned to school on Monday. We managed to get her enrolled in a very good missionary school in Mombasa, St Teresa’s is highly regarded and places are much sought after.

Mama Alice, Isabella & Mercy

With the sponsorship money from Nuala & the family, Mercy brought Isabella to Mombasa to buy her new uniform and other items she needed such as a mattress. With her school fees paid she said Kwaheri to everyone at the GLO and is starting a new phase in her life.

Isabella arrives at St Teresas' Missionary School

Isabella will return to the GLO in the school holidays as this is her home but she understands the great opportunity she is being given by Nuala & The Donnelly Family and if she works to her full potential after Form 4 she maybe able to enrol in Teacher Training College and achieve the dream she had whilst sleeping on the hostile streets of Mombasa when a young girl.

Mercy wishes Isabella the best of luck

So a massive Asante Sana to Nuala & The Donnelly Family for making all this possible, we will keep you updated with Isabella’s progress over the next four years.

David wishes Isabella the best with her education

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