Lisa arrived at the GLO in July 2010 after being abandoned, we could see she was a well cared for little baby and wondered what her background was. A few months later a young woman turned up at the GLO and said she was Lisa’s mother. We asked why she had abandoned her but she could not give us an answer and after a few visits stopped coming to see Lisa.

Lisa prepares to leave

We were amazed when the mother returned two weeks ago asking to bring Lisa back to the family, only later did we discover that Lisa’s maternal grandfather is dying and said he did not want to see his daughter again unless she found the child she abandoned and brought her back to the family, maybe not the ideal circumstances for a family reunion but at least Lisa will see her grandfather before he passes away.

Outside the Children's Court in Kilifi

A trip to the DCO in Kilifi and a visit to the Children’s Court meant Lisa could be returned to her mother. Mama Tuta at Kilroe House is very sad as she treated Lisa like a daughter and her brothers & sisters miss her but as always Lisa’s place has now been taken by a little boy called Chris, our next blog will be his story!!

Lisa & her mother

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