After spending time at The GLO I have realised to ensure the smooth running of the project and that the standards remain high, funds and volunteers are the key to its longevity. Each & every person can help and knowing every penny goes to direct to Kenya makes it a very worthwhile charity to support.

Volunteers Needed & Very Welcome

For volunteers their days consisted of playing, cleaning, nursing, teaching, farming, building, computer training and having a fantastic time with the staff & children. The best time of year to go out is October to April as the rains are usually over and my aunty & uncle are there that time of the year so you can even experience one of Uncle Kevin’s now famous “tours”, not for the fainthearted but you will never experience a tour like this from any hotels !!!

Enjoying playtime

Funding for the everyday running of the orphanage which costs about £50,000 a year to run. Even though the project is well supported there is always a need for funds, Kenya has seen a very sharp increase in living costs and if a child unexpected becomes ill my aunty often has to ask friends and family for extra funds to pay for medical care as there is no NHS and many of the children arrive at the GLO as newborn premature babies and with various medical conditions which need immediate treatment.

Sad Goodbyes

So how can I help….. I hear you ask?
I have some ideas below and it is important to remember that every single penny raised goes straight to the orphanage; no admin, travel or accommodation cost are taken by anyone involved.

Rosemary, Lorraine & Phanis

Raise awareness of the opportunity to volunteer at The Good Life Orphanage to your family and friends who may be looking to do some voluntary work. This is a UK based charity and you will be well looked after by Mama Mercy and Dorothy from the moment you arrive. Contact either myself Lorraine on 02890319360 or my Aunty Mary on who will be happy to tell you more information. After the welcome I received I will definitely be back.

Patrick counting

It cost approx. £700 in return flights, you are met at the airport in Mombasa regardless of what time your flight arrives. For a £80 per week donation to the GLO you get accommodation in the wonderful “Tower Suite”, freshly prepared local food and transfers from & to the airport. I would however recommend that you go with someone as the location is semi-rural and whilst you do not feel unsafe you may feel isolated. The GLO is ten minutes from nearby Mtwapa which has numerous shops & restaurants, 15 mins drive from the sea, the surrounding country is beautiful and the cultural experience you will have is unimaginable.

Happy Days

Fundraising event:
Have a fundraising event, simply set up a just giving page and link it to and all sponsorship will go direct to The Good Life Orphanage. It really simple to do! I was able to raise nearly £700 in two weeks thanks the convenience of this site and the sponsors of course!!

Business/workplaces charity of the year:
If your workplace takes on a charity each year then nominate the Good Life Orphanage in your workplace for charity of the year! The easiest way to donate is it through their Just Giving page.

School/ organisation make a plate/clock/tray fundraising event :
Take the children’s work of art and in three magical weeks they comes back on a plate, clock or a tray. All durable, dishwasher safe and vibrantly coloured! Great, easy fundraising event for a school to take part in and raise funds for The Good Life Orphanage see for more information. Quote Learning SPACE Good Life when arranging an event for a bonus donation from Learning SPACE.

Lucky dip donation:
We have a lucky dip in our shop so have a look at the website for how it works,
Children really enjoy creating their own lucky dip of items you no longer use and also the most important aspect of this concept is it’s a great way to raise funds from their family and friends in a fun way. A suggested donation of a minium of £1, put your hand in & pull out a surprise gift. This is also ideal for school fundraising, just try it and see how much fun it is !!!

Belfast Marathon:
Support the Learning SPACE team running the marathon on 7th May 2012 with proceeds going to The Good Life Orphanage.

Charity Model Show :
This event will be taking place in Belfast later on this year!
Join and I will keep you posted on this. This will feature local boutiques, jewellery makers and accessories! Any local celebrities that would like to take part it in this (male or female) will be really appreciated! If you would like to donate gifts for prizes at this please contact me.

Quiz night-:
Will be taking place later this year in Belfast. Again join my facebook page to be kept updated!

Old toys or donated toys:
Toys are always appreciated but it’s always hard to know what the orphanage needs and if there is room to take it over in the volunteer’s suitcases. The best thing to do is gather together items from family and friends and to hold a car boot sale or sell them at a Christmas fair with money raised going to the goodlife.

I hope that gives you an idea of what The Good Life is all about and how you can help. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and more photos are up on my facebook.

Thanks Lori x

Symon's drawing of GLO Vehicle

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