With the rainy season just days away and the resulting very humid & high temperatures, the children at The GLO have been suffering with colds, cough, sniffles and for Naomi are rather nasty boil on her head. After the initial problem with the misdiagnosis on numerous occasions relating to Naomi’s health problems were were very worried when the local clinic referred her to nearby Kilifi Hospital on Wednesday for further treatment on the area of her skull which already is badly scarred due to a botched up operation performed on her as a new born to remove her parasitic twin. Yesterday morning Mercy set off at 6.00am with Naomi and on arrival at Kilifi Hospital they met the first doctor who said she could not treat Naomi but would refer her to another doctor who preforms minor surgery. After reading the notes from Naomi’s time in Manchester this doctor also said that as the area was too sensitive he feared any type of surgery could cause problems and it needed to be referred to the Surgical officer who deals “Big Problems” and he only sees patients on a Tuesday.


Luckily some phone calls were made and the Surgical Officer came immediately to see the problem, on arrival he read the report from Mr Thorne who treated Naomi whilst she was in Manchester and due to the precise report was able to transfer Naomi immediately to theatre where he removed the infected boil and dressed the wound. He was amazed at the information contained in the report which was compiled by Mr Thorne & the team at Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital which enabled him to make a quick decision and relieve Naomi of the pain this infection was causing. Also the staff at Kilifi Hospital were very helpful and caring towards Naomi and ensured that she went home happy & free from pain.
Asante Sane to everyone involved !!

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