From the minute we saw little Gracie lying in a dirty cot in Coast General Hospital where she had been abandoned by her mother as she was a sickly child until seeing her here getting her present, it make you realise just what a difference The GLO has made to these children’s lives. Gracie and Michael were our first two children to arrive so have a very special place in all our hearts.

Gracie May 2008

Madam Mercy gives Gracie her present

Under the very watchful eyes of Mama Alice, the children have blossomed and are becoming very well balanced young adults in the case of the older children.

Mama Alice feeds Brenda cake

With the addition of our Social Worker George the children are now receiving specialist counselling and are always asking Uncle George for guidance and ideas. Here is George with Eamon Manto.

George & Eamon Manto prepare to party

Seeing Julius & Mudi opening their little presents make you realise just how secure and happy the children at the GLO are, although they may not have a father or mother they have a very strong family unit.

Julius & Mudi open their presents

The older children like Christine Zanibu are now enjoying life at St Bernadette & St Mary’s School and all aspire to become compassionate and successful people who can help the poor & needy in their community.

Christine Zainabu enjoys her cake

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