The 6th of April is a very special day for Mama Alice and the children in O’Malley House, as the majority of the children do not know their birthdays, the O’Malley Family chose this day for all the children to celebrate as it was Michael O’Malley’s birthday. Even more poignant is today Michael (R.I.P.) would have been celebrating his 80th birthday.

James Juma & Madam Mercy prepare

Cutting the Cake

Under the supervision of James Juma the children helped with the preparations, they all gathered together in the Community Area, so excited about the cake, the sodas, a special lunch and a present for each child. After cutting the cake and feeding it to each other the celebrations began.

Eamon Manto enjoys his cake

Happy days @ The GLO

Here is Michael tucking into his lunch, without the continuing and unfaltering support and advice from The O’Malley Family this would be impossible, so a massive Thank You to Eamon, Anne-Marie & Family, Des, Nina & Family & Annette, Dennis & family, xxxx

Michael O'Malley tucks into his lunch

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