As many of you may now know unfortunately I mixed up Part 1 of Rosemary & Lorraines’ Blog, so for all of you who want to know how Rosemary found her arrival at The GLO please read Part 1 of Lorraines’ entry
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We said goodbye to Kevin and Mary and Lorraine, Colum and I and were left to it. I was scared. I was like a cat caught in head lights. The children kept coming and wanting to hold onto our hands , Everyone was talking, singing, shouting, and asking questions, doing house work, feeding the children, washing etc; It was impossible. So much activity, so many children, how was I going to cope.? So it was time to stop and take five. I said a prayer and asked for guidance. I was here to help make a difference. That was what I needed to focus on.

Volunteers arrive !!!

So should it be with in a small way like nursing a child while the mama or auntie was busy, or getting involved with the children as they are playing or doing homework then that will be a start. So that is how I approached it for the first few days and along the way I got to know some of the children the mama’s and aunties of the houses and in doing so I built up a relationship with many of them. I am in awe of the brilliant work that goes on every day in each of the houses. The mama’s and aunti’s are all so proud of their children just like all mums should be.

Rosemary, Kay & Frankie