Written by Rosemary McAleer

All the children at The Good Life Orphanage are special, they are fighters often surviving against all the odds, Michelle & Saidi are two of these children. In the Maguire house I fell head over heels in love with Michelle, a beautiful child with Cerebral Palsy. The mama of the house, Domi, along with the help of the physiotherapist who attends twice a week puts a great effort into her care. When Michelle first arrived at the orphanage she had no movement, little or no emotional reactions and would most certainly have died had she not been taken into the Good Life Orphanage. She was born to a very young girl who had brought shame on her family by getting pregnant and was systematically beaten during her pregnancy.

Here is Michelle with Papa Kevin when she arrived in January 2010
Kevin with our latest addition Baby Michelle


She has gone from a child who was unable to move, to a little individual who now can sit up, enjoy the company of the other children , attempt to say words and can now participate in the school nursery where she is receiving extra stimulation. Mama Dommy who is very protective of Michelle can hear if she is crying at the nursery and has come over to pacify her or take her home. It is so beautiful to watch the love between the two of them. The physiotherapist, Charles, who attends Michelle and baby Lawrence who has Spina Bifida is brilliant. I have very little knowledge regarding physiotherapy but Charles talked me through everything he was doing and explained why he was doing it. He was so patient and kind and has developed a great rapport with the children of the house and respect for the mama’s .


Michelle enjoys her cake