Mama Mary is passionate about having Kenyan Volunteers at The GLO as our children need to learn about life from a Kenyan Prospective keeping in mind the differences between our culture and Western culture. Luckily we managed to impress one local student and persuade her to come as a volunteer.

Dogo with the children

Dogo is a student of Kabarak University pursuing bachelor of law degree and the mission of the university is to offer volunteer services to the community as part of their social conscience, the students do this by giving their time & skills to the community and nation at large. Dogo chose to come and volunteer her services to The Good Life Orphanage making her to be the first local volunteer. She started to volunteer on 10th April and to 27th April 2012. She helped the mothers in cooking, cleaning and household work, she realy cared for our babies and had a special place in her heart for Daniel from Flynn house and James from Kilroe. On her last week of stay I requested her to write about the GLO though their was no power but she does it on paper and this is what she has to say;

Smiling Faces

My stay in the Goodlife has come to an end and I bet it is time for me to show my sincere gratitude for the fact that I had a smooth and convinient stay in your institution. In Goodlife I was given the opportunity to interact with some of the most kind and hospitable people ever, this is because I had a the chance of staying in their houses where they offered me with not only food but a sense of belonging in their houses. This honourable institution has also been blessed with adequate staff who made my stay here worth the while. My interaction with the kids here helped instill in me love and care towards them because of the circumstances in which they are in. I would like to commend your institution for raising well-behaved kids who have respect for the old, young and important of all respect for each other since they operate and love with each other properly. As for the staff the fact that they made my stay here simple and for these I am more than gratefull for this and I just hope that God blesses you for your kindness and hospitability. I would like to thank the administration of this institution for accepting me to offer me help in your institution, I have no recommendation to make since it seems you have everything to ensure that you offer the perfect home for your children, visitors etc. I therefore thank you again for everything you did to ensure I get a smooth stay in your institition.

A Kenyan Viewpoint

We thank Dogo for her compassion and care she showed to our children, she is a very caring student who hails from the local neighbourhood. With her knowledge of the local culture Dogo got a chance to have a talk with our preteens on importance of education and being a graduate it was very well received, Dogo is a role model for our children.

Doga with the nursery children

We wish her all the best in her studies, hopefully she will spread the GLO Word and get more local volunteers to visit our institution.

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