Esther’s visits to see her son Lawrence have been sporadic since his arrival at The GLO. Lawrence has been attending a specialist centre at A.P.D.K at Portrize and after the latest consultation George was advised to contact Lawrence’s birth mother as there was a chance another pregnancy may also produce a child with spina bifida. By chance on the very same day Esther arrived at the GLO, her first visit to see her son in over twelve months. Ester meets Lawrence again Esther helps feed Lawrence

Lawrence looked at her for a short time and then began to smile, encouraged by this Esther was very happy and asked to feed him. She was amazed at his progress and also watched closely when Charles the physiotherapist started working with Lawrence. They spent time together and although we know without the intervention of The Carr-Deed Family in July 2010 Lawrence would not have survived, it is also heartwarming to see his birth mother spend quality time with our little man.

. Esther & Lawrence

Esther looks very tired and a far cry from the young girl we met over eight years ago when we started rebuilding Mikoroshoni P.S. in Shanzu Village. Life is very difficult for young girls in Kenya, they often end up pregnant leaving school without a proper education which happened in Esther’s case. Joshua the Principal tried to guide her as best he could but Esther did not take heed and now has no means of escaping the poverty trap. Again this highlights the importance of education to each & every child in countries where life is very difficult.