By George Ayieko

Winnie arrived at The GLO back in May 2010 aged seven years old she was visibly uncared for, malnourished and very sad.


Winnie is a child from a single Mother, she had been neglected for a long time and when her mother looked for work Winnie was left to fend for herself. She was admitted to The GLO with her cousin Brian Otieno and she was followed be another cousin Cynthie Achieng Chebet on 5th August 2010. Cynthia and Brian are orphans after their mother died leaving no family able to take care of them. Winnie’s Mother who is Cynthia’s Auntie could not sustain all three children since she too was unemployed and was not able to provide a stable environment for them. The Department of Children recommended that Winnie be taken into The GLO until her mother was capable of looking after her properly.

Winnie 01

Since her arrival Winnie has become a completely different child, she is kind, respectful, happy and confident. Winnie works very hard at school and in recent examinations was  placed 5th postion in a class of twenty-five pupils. Mama Tuta and Auntie Mapanzi always praised her attitude and behaviour towards the other children in Kilroe House where she became very much part of the family. With her best friend Annie Njeri she enjoys singing and dancing.

Winnie & Annie do their bit !!

Although Winnie’s mother has been uncooperative since her daughter arrived at the Orphanage , with long periods of time passing without her visiting. After numerous phone calls asking her to attend the Orphanage for a meeting with George she came with her young baby, a new brother for Winnie. She has since gone to the D.C.O. and convinced them that she can now provide for both Winnie and her new brother and after arriving with a letter from this department Winnie has to exit from our project.

Winnie 02

As you can imagine everyone was very upset when the time came for Winnie to leave, Andrew & Kari who are volunteering from the UK at the minute were amazed at the short time before Winnie being told she was being reunited with her family until her actual departure but things are done differently here in Kenya, the mother has to be trusted now. We will continue to keep in contact with Winnie and with the help if the Department of Children in Kilifi her care will be monitored closely. The GLO has been Winnie’s home for the past two years and we hope that she continues to receive a good education and is well cared for.

Winnie 03

May God Bless Winnie in her new life now –  she will always be in our thoughts at The GLO.

Winnie 05

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