Mercy has given us a very precise and detailed report about the history of how Magarstone arrived at the GLO, unfortunately it is too disturbing for many people to read, here is a condensed version of the report, needless to say this boy along with his five sisters have experienced abuse and neglect in their short lives.

Magarstone’s parents, Kazungu & Fatuma were blessed with six children five girls, Sara, Sharon, Sylviner, Priscilla & Joyce and one boy Magarstone. Kazungu and Fatuma were not in good terms.Kazungu the husband used to beat the wife all time, he often drunk and smoked Bangi. The family tried to talk to him on various occasions about his treatment of Fatuma and the children but to no avail. Then one day Kazungu beat his wife so badly he broke her neck and sadly Fatuma died a few days later in hospital. After Fatumas burial the children were split up, three children remained with the father and the grandparents looking after the younger three children. We cannot divulge what happened over the next few weeks but the father is now in Shimo Le Tewa Prison awaiting sentencing. The three older children were reunited with their siblings leaving the grandparents looking after six children. After this Dama the grandmother was determined to look after the six children at her home with limited means but really she ultimately knew she could not save them from death as she had nothing to give them to eat.


At the same time the DCO decided they needed to assist the family and requested that Alice Mudzini & Paul Katana of Friends of Justice visit the home. Alice and Paul found the children in a terrible state, the children had slept without eating the previous night and when they arrived at 1.00pm they still had not had anything to eat. Alice called The Children’s Department and was told to resuce the children. She brought them to Muzdini Kwetu which is a girls home and Magarstone came to The GLO, only after his grandmother had inspected the place where her grandson was to stay!



Although he is clearly neglected and malnourished he is a happy child but was suffering from terrible jiggers on his feet. After a visit to the local clinic for a medical checkup Magarstone had to endure the painful treatment to eradicate the jiggers. He has settled very well in Kilroe House with Mama Tuta & Auntie Mapenzi and has quickly struck up a friendship with Saidi.

Bad Jiggers


He will now attend St Bernadette & St Mary’s School, have three well balanced meal every day and have the security of knowing he will not be beaten or have to see his siblings being abused as they are also in a safe haven how. Although Grandmother Dama is distraught at what her son has subjected his children to, she also realises that the children are now safe and well cared for and she can visit them at any time.

We will keep you updated with Magarstone’s progress but we know his life at our project will be filled with happiness and love.

Mercy Nyadzua.