Daniel Msafiri came to The Good Life Orphanage on 16th June this year, when he was only 2 days old. He was abandoned by the roadside between Bahari Primary school and Kwa-Kasengo on your way to Kilifi from Mombasa on 15th June 2011 wrapped in a lesso (a piece of cloth). The members of the public that found him called Mr. Bruce – a community Policing Agent. As Mr. Bruce was far from town, he sent Mr. Range to attend to the matter and called the OCS Kijipwa Police Station.

Mr. David Kipsugut took the baby to Vipingo Health Centre and medical personnel attended to the baby and recommended the baby to Kilifi District Hospital for further examination. OCS and Mr. Walumbwa requested an ambulance to Kilifi Hospital where the baby was admitted and the case was referred to hospital social worker Mr. Chea. who then informed the DCO (Mr. Juma) and Kilifi Police Station about the case.

It was only then after all of this did we receive the call that a new baby boy needed a home. At the time of his arrival Dan Proud was volunteering at our project so it was decided the new baby would be called Daniel, a beautiful little baby who captured our hearts.

Baby Dan

Since Daniel joined The G.L.O family he has maintained good health under the watch of Mama Jane, the Flynn house mother, as well as receiving monthly immunization and check-ups at the hospitals. He is such a happy, pleasant little boy, always smiling and excited to see his brothers and sisters in Flynn House. As the baby of the house he gets special treatment from the older children.

Mama Jane & baby Dan

Trine & Baby Daniel

With changes to the Constitution we now work closely with our key partner on the adoption matters – Little Angels. They sent us a letter from a family that wanted to adopt a baby boy under two years old. The adoption process began with the family being called to our office to meet the management team, trustees and Mama Jane. This was followed up with a visit to their home in Malindi as we also have strict procedures for vetting potential families who are interested in adopting our GLO children. Mercy then called the family to inform them that they had been approved, the child they chose was Daniel. The father could not hide his joy since his own late fathers name was also Daniel.


Daniel’s new parents are Mr John Ouma Ogalo & Mrs Monica Hellen Awino. John is a carpenter and has been employed at Urmi furniture since 2004. They are both devoted Christians and attend church at ACK St. Mary’s Malindi. Sadly John’s first wife died in 2004 leaving him with two daughters, Euvin Atieno born in 2000 and Lidia Awuor 2002. After remarrying Monica they were very happy in their marriage but they longed for another baby and decided to adopt a boy to complete their family. The family has a permanent house in Malindi and in their rural home in Mbita, Nyanza Provionce,  which is the western part of Kenya. In addition they also have rental house that brings income to the family. During a follow-up bonding session on 28th July 2012 Monica visited us with her two daughters, Lidia aged 10 did not want to leave without taking her new ‘brother’ Daniel home with them saying she would remain with him at The GLO until all the paperwork was finalised! We were very happy to see this acceptance of Daniel by his other siblings.



On Sunday 5th August 2012 Daniel bid farewell to The GLO (as you can see the other GLO kids were very sad to see him go) and went to start the next bonding stage where his arrival at the family will be closely monitored by both The GLO Staff and Little Angels representatives. After a sad but colourful farewell at the Orphanage, Mercy and Mapenzi accompanied Daniel and the family to their home in Malindi.

Mama Jane's work is done

Kwaheri to Daniel

A very warm welcome greeted them, the Pastor from St Mary’s Chruch was there to offer thanks for the save arrival of their new family member, again prayers were said and members of the extended family were on hand cooking lunch and making both Mercy and Mapenzi realise that Daniel had become part of a very closely knit happy family.

Daniel with his new family

A welcome lunch yes its ugali

After having lunch and saying goodbye the GLO staff made the journey back from Malindi to Mtwapa sad that Daniel had left the fold but also happy that he was now part of a family where he will grow up in security and love with two big sisters and devoted parents. Papa Kevin and Mama Mary will visit Daniel and the family when they return to Kenya, no doubt Mama Mary will drop a tear but it is a testament to the support we receive that makes this possible. Receiving Daniel in a lesso some fifteen months ago to handing over this perfectly healthy happy little toddler to a very thankful family. Again we have to say Asante Sana to every single person involved in supporting our project, you are making a dream come true for so many.

The family now

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