After many meetings with the Department of Children and visits from the girls’ Grandmother, it was decided that they should be reunited with their family as their Mother shows no signs of making a recovery. Their Grandmother travelled to The GLO and preparations were made to officially hand them back to the family, here is George’s report:

Rangwe Police Station is on the South Coast so it was a long journey, we arrived the police station at 7:00am, everyone was amazed after hearing the sad story of how the girls were treated by their mother and all asked “Which orphanage is this that takes good care of the children I have never come across one such as this in Kenya”, which made us very proud. As we waited for Debra & Joyce’s Grandmother all the police officers wanted to know the whole issue and more about the orphanage.

Phanice & George with the girls

When the Grandmother came, she lacked words to say but was just staring at her grandchildren with the tears in her eyes. Then we went into the station so the officer-in-charge so he could witness the handing over of the two girls, he checked all the documentation and stressed to the Grandmother that the family must continue to take good care of the children as they looked very healthy. Also the family must be aware of the mental problems of the Mother and must not allow her to disappear with the girls again as she has severe epilepsy and is not capable of looking after them.

Phanice getting ready to hand the girls over

Debra & Joyce heading home

Then we went to the home which is some kilometers from the station and that’s where the Grandmother had the parting words for us “I have nothing to give but may God bless you”. We made sure the girls had clothes and their toys from the orphanage so the Grandmother did not need to buy them anything when they arrived. This was very important for little Joyce who cried all the time as she did not recognise the lady.

The girls prepare to meet their grandmother

Debra was the happiest of all immediately she saw her Grandmother and kept on smiling but Joyce would not stop crying as she is used to Auntie Phanice’s care and attention at The GLO. While leaving Debra told as that “I’m remaining with my grandmother bye” and the smile on her face said it all. The Grandmother is a teacher at the local primary school so Debra will attend school from Monday onwards. Joyce will miss Auntie Phanice and Mama Lucy as she has been at The GLO from a small baby but God willing she will find her new life with her Grandparents and extended family a happy & loving one.

The grandmother & aunt with the girls