Like most of the world, our children at St Bernadette & St Mary’s School returned to school on Monday but unlike here in the UK & Ireland this is the last term as the new school year starts in January not September. As you can imagine the children are very happy to see the school open again as it guarantees them a bowl of ugi each morning and a chance to learn even more and get good grades so they can move up a class at the end of the school year.

Time for ugi

Back to school

The teachers were greeted by a sea of smiling faces who could not wait to get started with their lessons. As we have a new Head Teacher, Mr Pius they are all determined to impress him and to be No1 in their class. All the children who are in the No1 spot so far in this academic year were singled out as they want to hold onto this postion but there are lots of pupils who want to knock them off this much sought after spot so we are in for a very focused and competitive final term at St Bernadette & St Marys School.

IT Lessons

Mr Stephen leads the music lesson

We endeavour to give the children a good all-round education including IT Studies, General Science and Music to name but a few subjects, it is a pleasure to see how willing to learn and how keen the children are. It is very unusual to see a sad face or a child who does not want to partake in the different lessons.

Mr Kennedy does some exercises

Nature Walk

The younger children are full of energy with the teachers often having to keep a lid on their enthusiasm, this is chance to get an education neither the children nor their parents would have ever dreamt of and it is heartwarming to see how much effort they put into their daily lessons. Our teachers also have to be complimented as in January this year many got a class of up to thirty children who did not speak any English and had never attended school before, the development of the children is just amazing. Hopefully now this will rarely happen now in the area surrounding the school apart from our KG1 admission and we already have a waiting list for the intake in January 2013.


Happy to be back

We would ask any teacher to come to volunteer at the school and not be visibly moved at the positive attitude of the local children and our children at the orphanage who attend St Bernadette & St Mary’s School, it is indeed an oasis of learning in the middle of the bush but it is certainly not a Bush School. Our school is fast becoming one of the best schools in the area giving a “free” education to the most needy & deserving children. We are already looking forward to the return visit in October of Brendan Coleman, a teacher from Cardinal Langley School in Middleton who along with Domi McDonald last year wrote our Mission Statement and with the help of our teaching staff outlined the rules, regulations and responsibilities of all the staff employed at the school which are working very well !

Concentrating hard

Time in library

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