We are very lucky to have our orphanage within Kilifi County which has an excellent Department of Children and a very strong network where all the Charitable Children’s Institutes work very closely together. The CCI’s in the area are held up as any example to the other areas of how working as a team can be very successful. Saturday was such a day when every CCI in the area had representatives working together helping treat the everyday problem of jiggers.

Clothes & Mattresses for distribution

Clothes & Mattresses for distribution

Martandale is very close to The Good Life Orphanage, it is about a thirty minute drive and is a very impoverished area. In an organised campaign all the children received medication for the jiggers and in some cases the worst infected had to have a injection to help relieve the pain.

Waiting for treatment

Washing the feet

The majority of these children attend Mtepeni Primary School and other schools in Bomani & Tunzanani which is a long walk for the small children. Unfortunately these schools do not have organised healthcare in place to fight against jiggers and other diseases caused by the poor conditions in which they live.

William surveys a bad case of jiggers

Inspection of Feet

Luckily there were children’s clothes and mattresses donated from the CCIs which were distributed to the needy. The Kilifi DCO was actively involved in working with all the representatives from the CCI’s to ensure the day was a success. Other homes involved were Lioness Cubs Home, Kikambala Children’s Home, Olive Tree Home, Ama Children’s Home, Mudzini Kwetu and numerous other homes within Kilifi County.

Mercy gives out clothes

Distributing Mattresses

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