At the GLO we have some people we regard as being special and then some extra special GLO Friends, The Bonnington Family are in the latter category !!

Bryan, Russel & Danielle Karibu, Karibu x
Janie & Paul greet Danielle

Mama Danielle with husband Bryan and son Russell always make a special trip to our orphanage when they arrive in Kenya and this month we welcomed them back. The Staff and children know them very well and always give them a very warm greeting on their arrival.

Dorothy sorts the clothes out
Biscuits, Juice & Basketballs from Danielle

Every time they visit they bring donations and this time was no different, Mama Danielle, Bryan & Russell arrived bearing very useful and tasty gifts. Dorothy was very happy to receive the donation of children’s clothes along with juice, biscuits and basketballs which are ideal in the Kenyan heat.

Asante Sana Mama Danielle

Then onto the school where Mr Pius Muthoka welcomed them and again a very generous donation of books and biscuits was gratefully received by the staff & pupils. The younger children all received a packet of biscuits and the older ones will receive the biscuits as a reward when they work and behave well.

Mr Pius accepts the kind donation from Danielle

Asante Sana Mama Danielle, you are a very generous and compassionate lady x

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