Kay Kadogo was prematurely born at the Coast General Hospital on 23rd March 2008 at 32 weeks of gestation. The weight at birth was 1.5 kg and as she was very small her mother Taabu Kitsau, abandoned her because she thought the baby would not survive. Kay arrived at the orphanage on 2nd May 2008 after being taken from the hospital by Mama Mary, Papa Kevin, David, Nico & Mama Jane from Flynn House. She was with other three children Naomi Kemuto, Roisin Pendo, and Paul Safari. As with all new born babies they loose weight but in Kay Kodogo’s case she only received half a cup of milk each day in the hospital and by the time she arrived at The GLO she weighed 1.2kg and was in a sorry state. Kay is the little one here in Mama Janes’s arms

The Good Life Orphanage - 02/05/08

Kay is a little fighter and from Day 1 we knew she was going to make it. Mama Jane cared for her so well and we named her after another very formidable lady Kay Flynn but we added Kogodo which means “small” in swahlil. Since arriving at The GLO over four years ago, Kay has become a very serious but confident little lady who can loose her temper and let people know when she is not happy. With Roisin in Flynn House the boys were often put in their places and the girls ruled, hence Paul Safari is the apple of Mama Jane’s eye as he often came to her complaining about the girls and she felt very sorry for him.

Kay & Roisin looking cute

A few months ago Little Angel Adoption Agency called the GLO wanting to arrange a visit for a couple who were interested in adopting a girl, Mr. John Ndirangu and Mrs. Christine Ndirangu were blessed with one son who is now 17 years old in high school. Mr. Ndirangu is 50 years old and is employed with Kenya Power Nakuru branch whilst Mrs Ndirangu his 46 year old wife who works with ACK Mombasa branch immediately built up a bond with Kay Kodogo and the process for adoption started. They decided Kay would become their 2nd born and their son would now have a much longer for sister. Whilst the relevant checks were being carried out, Christine visited the orphanage weekly to see Kay and her husband also accompanied her on these trips when he was not working, We could all see how happy and relaxed Kay was in their company and we were very happy when they were approved so Kay could begin her three month bonding session at her new family home.

Kay & her new Mama


Kay Kodogo receives her present from her new parents

September 1st was the chosen day for Kay to leave The GLO as this was also Flynn House Day Celebrations and the other children would be concentrating on the dancing and eating as its always a big wrench for them when one of the children leave. The Family were accompanied by their Priest and family friends as it was a very important day for them all. Kay received her last gift from The GLO to celebrate Flynn House Day Celebrations and then Mama Jane received a gift from Kay as a Thank You for being a good mother, without Mama Jane’s care & dedication we all know Kay would not have survived. Kay was given warm send off with Mama Lucy leading the singing, it was a sad day but also we are very happy to see Kay surrounded by a loving family.

Mama Jane hands over Kay

Goodbye Kay Kodogo

Children say goodbye

Mama Jane and George went along to the family home with the Kay. On the arrival everyone celebrated Kay’s arrival but now she is to be known as Sarah Mumbi, a family name, as Kay Kodogo was her GLO name. A cake was cut and everyone was praising God thanking him for the arrival of their new daughter. Nearly two weeks later Kay has started a new school and although talks about Flynn House and The GLO seems very settled with her new family.
May God bless the family of Mr. & Mrs Ndirangu.

Happy to be at her new home

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