Zuhuri Boti was the 9th born in the family of 12 and was born in 6th March 2004 by Mr. Malingi Boti and Mrs. Leah Mwachiluma. They stay in rented mudhouse at Mzambarauni near to the school & orphanage. Zuhuri’s father is an office cleaner in town while her mother sells fruit in Mtwapa, She was in Kg3 at the time of her death and had just received very good examination results getting 377 marks out of 400. Zuhuri had other brothers in Standard 4, 2, & 1 all attending St Bernadette & St Mary’s School. Zuhuri`s sister Susan who is the youngest in the family was burnt with hot water sometime ago and Papa Kevin helped the family by taking the baby to hospital and making sure she was ok. Thankfully she made a full recovery but little Zuhuri was not so lucky.


On Friday 3rd August 2012 Zuhuri complained to her mother of the stomach pains, not having enough money to bring little ZuhurI to hospital as there is no N.H.S. in Kenya, her mother bought some local medicine for her thinking it would cure her. Over the next twenty-four hours the pain became unbearable but unfortunately by the time she was admitted to hospital it was too late and she passed away at 11.00pm on the Sunday night. The body stayed in mortuary for nearly a week until Mercy arranged for payment to have the body released and transported back to their home in Mzambarauni where pupils and staff from St. Bernadette`s & St. Mary`s School and children and volunteers from The GLO went to pay their respects before the burial. The body was laid to rest at her grandfathers rural home in Barani village about 200m from Saidi`s rural home place. The event was very emotional for her siblings, parents and her fellow students. As her mother said “We loved you but God Loved you more”, the ever smiling young girl was laid to rest.



At the school the children from the surrounding villages often come in feeling unwell and they are taken to the nearby clinic where they receive medication and the bill is settled by us. Recently one of the pupils came in with a snake bite and was taken to the clinic immediately where she received an anti-venom injection and survived. Poor little Zuhuri became ill at the weekend and her family could not afford to go to the clinic or hospital but went to a local medicine man.
Hearing this makes you realise just what an impact the school and orphanage have in helping the local community as well, in this case it was too late but quick reactions from the teachers and staff have saved lives so far & with your help and support we will continue to do so. Thankfully we have generous donors who allow us to help the community in this manner and often £5 is the difference between life and death for a child living in Kenya.

Here is Elvis with a photo Zuhuri, his classmate & friend

Elvis with Zuhuru's photo

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