In the words of Walt Disney, There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island,” and we can see this first hand at The Good Life Orphanage and St Bernadette & St Mary’s School.

We have noticed how interested the children are in reading, they are like little sponges wanting to gain more & more knowledge. With this in mind we recently setup our Evening Reading Club at St Bernadette & St Mary’s School.

Time to learn

Luckily we have two very hard working volunteers Daniela & Katharina who have helped setup & oversee this project, they come down five days per week for one hour in the evenings where they can gain further reading skills.

Reading Club

As you can see the children are really enjoying this opportunity and we would like to thank Daniela & Katharina for their assistance in enabling the children to gain even more skills.