Since our very first visit to GLO four years ago we have tried to hold at least one main fund raising event a year in order to boost our coffers and add to the various donations that we have received through the year. For the last two years we had held a Ceilidh which was great fun, although did take a lot of organising and work on the night, plus there was the expenditure of hiring a hall and booking the band etc. So this year Bridget and I decided it was time for a change!! After giving it some thought and carrying out a bit of research we decided to hold a quiz night at the local golf club (much frequented by my husband!). We knew what the format would be as we are regulars at the monthly quiz there. The club offers a very attractive package where it provides the questions for the quiz, the quiz prizes, the quiz master and a cooked supper all for £10 a head. All we had to do was advertise the quiz, sell the places at £15 a head, run a raffle with some nice prizes and hopefully make as much profit as we had done the previous years at the Ceilidh.

Quiz Time

Well as it turned out it was a really enjoyable night. We had 92 people turn up making up 23 quiz teams. There was a bar so people could get their brains working with a pint or two and a lovely hot supper with a choice of four different dishes. The evening ran like clockwork thanks to Simon the quizmaster and his team and so many people complimented us on how well organised and “slick” the proceedings were and how much fun they had had. Bridget and I had decorated the rooms with the GLO slogan and loads of pictures of the children,Mamas and Aunties and I really think this “encouraged people” to either donate money or buy raffle tickets. In addition to the raffle prizes that Bridget and I had acquired, we had so many donations of prizes from people attending the quiz it
turned into quite a marathon!

Heated discussions

All in all it was a splendid night. The raffle raised over £300 and the entrance fee £450. We have also had donations from friends who could not make the actual night and there are still some donations left to come in. Bridget and I were both thrilled (and a little shocked) at the amount of money raised and with the funds collected throughout the year we will be able to hand over about £1400.

Suffolk Quiz Night

Bridget and I would like to thank any one reading this who attended the quiz night or made a donation. We are truly grateful for your support and without your generosity the Good life Orphanage and the school would not be able to continue its inspirational and vital work.

Happy Days

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