It was very early in the morning when the birds were singing their melodious songs welcoming a new day. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the Frogs Kingdom where I took a cool shower. After bathing I went to my room and looked for my well-ironed uniform, put it on and went to the dining room to have my breakfast. I drank my tea as quickly as I could. I went out of the house as proud as a peacock, I walked slowly to school. When I arrived I went to my classroom and waited for my teacher to arrive. After 15 minutes he arrived with a smile on his face. As it was eight o’clock my teacher came with the list of pupils who were in the first position in their class and my name included, I was going to the beach for a very special trip.

Mama Mary sees us off
All Aboard

On our way to Vipingo Beach we saw many people and they were as busy as the bees. On arrival at the beach everyone was as happy as a king’s daughter walking in the palace. We got out of the bus and put on our swimming costumes. We were as shy as squirrels but listened whilst Papa Kevin gave us the safety instructions to follow.

Great trip
Annie Njeri with the anchor

After some minutes we got into the Glass Bottom Boat and were driven to the deep sea. At the middle of the boat, there was a transparent glass where we could see everything going on in the water. We saw many fish like starfish, dogfish, octopus, tilapia, mudfish and many others. After one hour the driver of the boat switched off the engine and allowed us to get into the water to swim. Before the driver had finished his instructions I jumped in the water and swam like a fish. The others followed and with Papa Kevin, Alan and Madam Elizabeth supervising us, we swam for two hours.

Fun Times
Alan the teacher

Then we were called out and had lunch of fish, rice and sodas. We were so hungry and ate until our stomachs were big like the pregnant woman. After relaxing for a little while we went back in the sea to paddle.

Mama Tuta with supplies
Lunch time

Sadly it was them time to get out of the sea and get dressed. On the school bus back we were as happy as larks and had many stories to tell the others back at school.

I will never forget this day until the end of my life

Papa Kevin, Madam Elizabeth & Alan

Vincent, Children & lobster

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