Jumwa Khamisi earns her living by selling the local brew locally known as “mnazi”. On 30th October 2012, Jumwa woke up as usual to attend to her daily routine of going round looking for mnazi to sell,at around 8am she found a baby girl in tatters on the roadside near Y.M.C.A in Kibarani location,Kilifi county.The baby was crying and nobbody was around. She picked the baby and wrapped her in a lesso then tried to look around for about an hour to see if someone would come for the baby. The confused old mother went to the village elder of Kibarani Mr. Kenga and reported the matter. The village elder directed her to Kilifi Police Station who handed the baby over to the nearby Department of Children. The D.C.O Madam Rahab interviewed the rescuer and thanked for her kindness. Having in mind that, the Goodlife Orphanage accommodates abandoned and neglected children below five years she made the phone call to G.L.O.

Baby handed over to Dorothy
Dorothy feeds the new baby

The GLO staff went to the D.C.O `s office.They found the baby crying with the rescuer carrying her on her back, wrapped in a leso. The D.C.O gave them the go-ahead to have the baby, after spending about thirty minutes filling the paper work as required by the Kenyan Law.The journey to GLO began in earnest.Mama Mary and Kevin had to postpone their busy schedule to receive the newest angel in the orphanage. Business came to a stand still as the van carrying the new baby entered the magnificent GLO.She was enthusiastically received by the GLO fraternity, named Ruth and taken to O`Malley house under the care of Mama Alice.

Who is next to hold the baby
Baby Ruth arrives

Then this morning a follow up call from the D.C.O. informed us that the baby’s father and grandmother have been frantically searching for the baby and her mother. They arrived at the orphanage having made the three hour journey from their home. Baby Ruth is actually called Tumani and is the youngest in a family of seven children.

Mercy hands over the baby
Father, Grandmother & Baby with Claire

The mother suffers from severe mental health problems which the family put down to witchcraft. After a meeting with Claire and George they now realise that it is not a “bad spell” but a medical condition which needs immediately treatment. Claire who is a Mental Health Nurse in the UK and was amazed at the lack of care and treatment available to people suffering from these conditions in Kenya.

Mercy hands over Baby Tumaini

The grandmother is so happy to be reunited with baby Tumani and we will remember them in our prayers as the family have a massive hurdle to overcome with the mother’s condition.

By George Ayieko.

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